Matter Follow-up

I recently got a really cool confirmation on my matter idea. A Korean family stayed at my house last week, and the dad was a theoretician. He teaches quantum physics at a university in South Korea, and was here on a research trip. I jumped at the chance to get an educated opinion on my ideas, and had him read my Ultramatter, Gravity Shield, and Matter ideas. He was ecstatic to find a student that actually cared about school, instead of just being in it for the grade and degree, and he gave me his email address so we could keep in touch and he could give his input on my other ideas as he reads them, but the most exciting part was his response to my matter idea. As soon as he read the main concept about matter being a vibration, he said, “How did you know…?”

Apparently, one of the main concepts of quantum physics is the idea that matter, in its most basic form, is a vibration. On the one hand it’s slightly disappointing that I did not think of it first, but on the other hand, this means I figured out quantum physics (or at least part of it), which, needless to say, is really encouraging. One of my ideas was actually correct, at least to an extent! The Korean dad pointed me to the Grand Unity Theory, which is one of various Unified Field Theories, which attempt to explain all aspects of the universe except for gravity in terms of one field. I tried to read up about it, but it required too much back knowledge and would have taken way too long to research about it, but apparently it theorizes that matter in its most basic form is a vibration. My theory would be a Theory of Everything, because it includes gravity in the things it explains in terms of one field, and Scientists are ultimately hoping to come up with a Theory of Everything, but so far the only theories that are deemed plausible have been Unified Field Theories.


3 thoughts on “Matter Follow-up

  1. Jane Apricity August 10, 2016 / 09:34

    Wow! That’s pretty awesome! I’m excited for you. On an even more theoretical scale, if all matter is made up of vibrations, what could it translate to technologically?


    • Olórin August 15, 2016 / 21:41

      Well, if we could learn to manipulate the fabric of space-time to a more precise level than with my gravity shield idea, we could actually create matter, though it would require extraordinary amounts of energy, and we could flatten the vibrations of matter to create extraordinary amounts of clean energy. Also, if this could be done at range, it could be used as a weapon, turning any matter into a gigantic bomb waiting for a fuse. If it could not be done at range, it could still be weaponized by packing the equipment used to reduce matter to energy into a bomb, and either packing some surplus material into it as fuel (depleted uranium would probably be ideal, since it is in high supply and is very heavy, so it has a lot of matter packed into a small space) or using the bomb casing itself as fuel, depending on how the technology used to change the phase of the matter/energy works, creating a de facto clean nuclear bomb. I’m sure there’s plenty of other technological aspects that I haven’t thought of, but those are what come to my mind first.

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