Some Cool Science Developments

I recently received a couple of emails from an astronomy organization about some promising scientific developments related to my theories, and I also ran across a Wikipedia article about a scientific theory along the lines of my Gravity Shield idea. The articles are relatively large, so I will post a quick summary with a link to the full text of each piece.

NASA Wants to Create the Coolest Spot in the Universe
NASA has created a piece of equipment that they call the Cold Atom Lab, or CAL, which will be used to study atoms at temperatures so cold (0.000000001K, or one billionth of a Kelvin) that they form an entirely new state of matter that doesn’t obey the “familiar rules of physics.” The article says that in this state, “Matter can be observed behaving less like particles and more like waves.” This is further confirmation of my Matter idea. NASA (who wrote the article) says this piece of equipment will likely provide us with much greater understanding of dark matter and dark energy (which make up 95% of the universe, according to “current models of cosmology”), and lead to vast technological improvements (e.g. quantum computers)

New Path Suggested for Nuclear Fusion
Is there anything lasers can’t do? This article suggests the use of lasers to “nudge” atoms close enough to fuse. The point of the article is that we might very well have found the key to cold fusion. What got me going, however, is the fact that they are using lasers to manipulate atomic particles! That was the first scientific advancement required for my Ultramatter idea to be feasible, and this article says we have made that advancement!

Alcubierre Drive (Space-Warping/Faster-Than-Light Theory)
This is a hypothesis that has been around since 1994, that basically suggests that if we could figure out how to manipulate the space-time continuum, we could squish the space in front of an object and contract the space behind it, allowing it to traverse distances as if they were actually smaller distances, allowing for apparent faster-than-light travel. I was intrigued by this for two reasons: it is another use for the motive ability behind my Gravity Shield idea, and it is an accepted scientific theory that makes the same “if only…” statement I do in my Gravity Shield idea (If we could manipulate the space-time continuum, then we could do xyz), which means I am not completely off my rocker in making that statement.


February Update and Science Video

This month, I finally got my first real content post since August posted! I also just went back through and edited it, cleaning it up a little, clarifying pieces, and adding a few bits, so that it now does a more effective job of communicating my ideas on the subject. You can find those revisions at the original post here.

In other news, I finally got the new logo finished and uploaded, so it should start showing up as a favicon soon, and my gravatar picture is now set to my new logo. It is designed in the form of a coat of arms, and reflects the fact that a Christian worldview is the key to unlock the mysteries of science. A big thank you to Timothy Schutz for helping me make the logo, and dealing with me as I reinvented the wheel of photoshop and literally had him create a padlock and skeleton key out of basic black and white shapes. My website improvement task for this month is to work the new logo into the rest of the pictures on the website.logo-no-background-with-shield-pngOnce again, I have two science videos: one is just a standard science video about how engines work, but shown in a new way that is really pretty for all you pyromaniacs out there, and the other is a little bit of publicity for a podcast this guy is doing. Enjoy!