Getting Deep

I love stories. I spend as much of my time as possible immersed in a book, game, or movie, placing myself in a sort of “safe” reality. In books and movies, I know everything will work out in the end, and no damage will come to me physically. In games, I am in control of the story, and I can change the difficulty, giving me the power to overcome any obstacle. Also, the stakes are low: if I lose, I can just start over and learn from my mistakes—the game doesn’t matter.

So when, like me, you constantly dwell in these false realities (I personally prefer books, but games are more relevant to this discussion), it becomes very easy to let the entertainment mindset bleed over into the real world. I have found myself deciding, without even thinking, to take a break and come back after I’ve thought awhile—except you can’t take a break from life. Sometimes I get frustrated with something in my life, and my mind will tell me it doesn’t have to be that hard: just drop the difficulty and blow the obstacle to smithereens. I have even found myself getting so tired of aspects of life that I want to just give up, “lose,” and start over.

Except you can’t do any of these things with life. Time floats on, whether you want it to or not. You can’t pause the game of life. There are no checkpoints in life. There is no respawn in life. There is only one difficulty setting: hard. And if all of that wasn’t pressure enough, life actually matters. And you only get one shot.

But there is hope, because we are not playing to win. Our object is not the accumulation of wealth or our own personal happiness. No, our object is to do the Lord’s bidding. When you wreck your car and can’t afford a replacement, take heart: Jesus didn’t need a car to do His Father’s bidding. When your house catches fire and all your wealth and pride is devastated, take heart, for your life has not been in vain. When depression strikes, your happiness is destroyed, and you lose your hope for the world, take heart, for you are not here to be happy. You are not losing at life when you are unhappy. You are not losing at life when you can’t get a girl or see how you will fit in the world. Only give up your own desires and plans, obey your General, and you will find purpose, identity, and fulfillment.

Life is not a game.


Some Cool Science Developments

I recently received a couple of emails from an astronomy organization about some promising scientific developments related to my theories, and I also ran across a Wikipedia article about a scientific theory along the lines of my Gravity Shield idea. The articles are relatively large, so I will post a quick summary with a link to the full text of each piece.

NASA Wants to Create the Coolest Spot in the Universe
NASA has created a piece of equipment that they call the Cold Atom Lab, or CAL, which will be used to study atoms at temperatures so cold (0.000000001K, or one billionth of a Kelvin) that they form an entirely new state of matter that doesn’t obey the “familiar rules of physics.” The article says that in this state, “Matter can be observed behaving less like particles and more like waves.” This is further confirmation of my Matter idea. NASA (who wrote the article) says this piece of equipment will likely provide us with much greater understanding of dark matter and dark energy (which make up 95% of the universe, according to “current models of cosmology”), and lead to vast technological improvements (e.g. quantum computers)

New Path Suggested for Nuclear Fusion
Is there anything lasers can’t do? This article suggests the use of lasers to “nudge” atoms close enough to fuse. The point of the article is that we might very well have found the key to cold fusion. What got me going, however, is the fact that they are using lasers to manipulate atomic particles! That was the first scientific advancement required for my Ultramatter idea to be feasible, and this article says we have made that advancement!

Alcubierre Drive (Space-Warping/Faster-Than-Light Theory)
This is a hypothesis that has been around since 1994, that basically suggests that if we could figure out how to manipulate the space-time continuum, we could squish the space in front of an object and contract the space behind it, allowing it to traverse distances as if they were actually smaller distances, allowing for apparent faster-than-light travel. I was intrigued by this for two reasons: it is another use for the motive ability behind my Gravity Shield idea, and it is an accepted scientific theory that makes the same “if only…” statement I do in my Gravity Shield idea (If we could manipulate the space-time continuum, then we could do xyz), which means I am not completely off my rocker in making that statement.

September Update and Science Video

I am making progress! The new site is up and running, and I am working mainly on getting the forums operational and smoothing out a host of wrinkles that came with the “upgrade” to the paid plan. For some reason, the paid version took away nearly all compatibility with WordPress: there is no button I can put up so people can follow the site with their WP accounts, anything WP related is gone from the social media options, you have to have an account with my site specifically to use the forums as anything but a guest, etc, etc. There is a plugin that solves some of this, but not nearly all, so I am working with the person I mentioned in the July update to get those ironed out and see if I can’t retain all of the WP integration without giving up on the upgraded version, and, by extension, an in-site forum. School is starting in earnest for me, so I won’t be able to work on the site as much as before, but I am definitely starting to see some progress, and I’ve got several exciting idea concepts waiting for me to flesh them out in posts when the new site is up.

On a somewhat different note, I have decided to write a book. It is based on one of the ideas that I have sitting half written in my blog workspace document, so you should get a sneak peek at the idea behind it in a few weeks/months (hopefully weeks). I have no idea how to write a book, and my only attempt so far at creative writing was, quite frankly, pitiful. So, I am not good at creative writing, I have no idea how to write a book, and I don’t tend to be very creative at all (I know these science ideas I come up with appear very creative, but I would argue that at least most of them are just basic common sense, with perhaps a unique application), and yet I’m writing a book. This should be interesting… Due to school and other factors, I don’t plan to start on it at least until the end of the year, aside from notes and spontaneous inspiration, and I have no idea how it will progress past there, whether I will post updates on this site, make a new site for it, or virtually anything else about the future of this project, but I know the majority of you guys are writers, so I figured you would be interested to know about this.

By now you know this guy is really smart, so now you get to watch him act like a complete idiot to prove a point. And no, he wasn’t acting like an idiot on purpose. You’ll see what I mean:



Gravity Waves Detected

So, from what I can tell, somehow my website started to try to portray itself as an https site instead of an http site, which, in the long run, took the website down.  I don’t know how that happened, but I apologize for not taking care of it faster.  Anyway, it’s back up now, and I might as well get back to posting.

On February 11, the scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (or LIGO) detected a blip.  That blip provided massive evidence for Einstein’s theory for how gravity works. The LIGO is essentially a gravity microphone.  To avoid wasting time on describing the discovery, here is the news release for those of you who haven’t heard of it yet:

This discovery provides a large amount of plausibility to my gravity shield idea, because if gravity does work in this way (as supported by the blip), and if we can detect the fluctuations in space-time, it isn’t much further to actually manipulate it.  And if we can manipulate it, we can do most, if not all, of the things I mention in my gravity shield page are possible.

Global Warming

I have always been frustrated by the major idiocy surrounding global warming, so now, in light of the international meetings currently taking place on the subject, I have decided to open this up for discussion on the forums. I will copy this post to a thread in the newly established “Real Science” forum, so we can discuss it.


First, I will just say flat out that global warming is fake. I don’t know for sure why it has been invented, and I’ll try not to speculate on that in this post, but it is nevertheless an outright fabrication.

One of the major tenets of global warming is the hole in the ozone layer, so I’ll start there. The global warming people claim that the ozone hole is causing, or at least contributing to, global warming.  But think about it.  Ozone is a greenhouse gas.  It insulates the earth.  The absence of ozone would leave the earth colder than before, not warmer, so a hole in the ozone layer would by no means warm the earth! And even if it would warm the earth, it is created by the polar vortex, which only happens over Antarctica, and only from August to November (there is a weak polar vortex over the North Pole, but its effects are inconsequential). This means that, because of how it is made, the ozone hole cannot spread past Antarctica, so it would have virtually no effect on the world as a whole.

CFCs were banned because of the ozone hole, but they actually have very little effect on the ozone hole. CFCs affect the ozone layer at the hole by something like 5-10% (I don’t have internet access right now, so this is off the top of my head—it might even have been .05-.1%, but I’m being liberal just in case). This may seem significant until you realize that the ozone layer fluctuates naturally by over 50% at the ozone hole.  Furthermore, not a single human calamity has been linked to the ozone hole, but something like 40 million human deaths have resulted from the absence of CFCs (again, I’m operating straight from my mind, without internet—I think it was actually more like 44 million, but I’m giving the other side the benefit of the doubt).

Now on to carbon dioxide. While it is true that the CO2 content in the atmosphere has been increasing lately, we have not seen a substantial change in the actual global temperature of the earth. From the early 1900s to the 2000s, CO2 content in the air has increase from ~290 ppm to ~375 ppm, approximately a 25% increase in 100 years. During this time, the global temperature has increased by about .5 degrees C, or about .7 degrees F.  In addition, combustion, the main (if not the only) way humans release CO2 into the atmosphere, also releases other gases into the atmosphere that reflect light, causing a cooling effect. Then there’s a report from Harvard University on their review of over 240 scientific studies on global temperatures in the past which indicates that the earth was significantly warmer between 800 and 1300 AD than it is today (I have a textbook I am using as a reference now).  I don’t think they had much factory activity in the Middle Ages, and I doubt all those burning castles exceeded our current CO2 output. Also, remember that .7 degrees of warming that happened in the last 100 years? Most of that happened before humans were burning much fuel, and before the CO2 levels really started to rise.

The final topic I will address here is the ice caps. It is true that some ice caps are melting. For example, the Larsen B ice shelf has experienced a fair amount of shrinkage over the past few years (the textbook I am currently referencing doesn’t say how much). However, just a few hundred miles over, the ice sheets on the west side of Antarctica have been thickening.

If you have any more aspects of global warming you would like me to address, I’d love to hear them.